The cold, hard numbers behind this chase.

Monday, March 24, 2003
Length of Chase
2 hours
Distance Covered
40 miles
...for the year
330 miles
Chase Partner(s)
Valerie McCoy

Although central Oklahoma was only in a "general risk for thunderstorms", as forecasted by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC), all were surprised when out of the blue, the Norman, Oklahoma National Weather Service office issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Grady county (SW of Norman) around 8:30 PM. A cell explosively developed, quickly went severe, and was associated with the passage of a cold front. As uncommon as it may have been, Norman was perfectly in the path of these storms(!!) and prompted a handful of subsequent severe thunderstorm warnings. Although the SPC issued a Mesoscale Convective Outlook for the area (viewable here), no watch box was issued.

Valerie and I drove 5 or 6 miles NW of Norman, near Tecumseh Rd. and 48th Street, to watch the storms roll in. The lightning proved to be quite impressive with a high percentage of horizontally propagating "anvil crawlers". Once we were hit with rain, I packed the cameras up and we drove east of Norman, to the west side of Lake Thunderbird State Park, to watch the rest of the show.

  • Click here for storm reports from this day.
  • Click here for a radar loop of convection that occurred this evening.




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