The cold, hard numbers behind this chase.

Monday, May 19, 2003
Length of Chase
5 hours
Distance Covered
~200 miles
...for the year
1,850 miles
Chase Partner(s)

It was a marginal day for severe weather, but we were bored and felt it would be a good shake down mission for the new crewmembers. From Norman, Oklahoma, we drove south on I-35 to a small lake about halfway to Ardmore. As we conducted long-distance survey scans, we began to notice midlevel rotation in the storms and the beginnings of vague hook appendages. In bewilderment, we continued on southbound I-35, targeting a storm with a tornado warning between Ardmore and the Red River. It was not to be. Just south of Ardmore, one of DOW3's tires blew-out. Having to give-up on the storm, we limped back to Ardmore, where, after many phone calls, we found a truck repairman who works out of his home. With his contacts, he was able to find us a new tire and get us on our way before midnight.





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