Chase Summary  

This is a collection of photographs from a three-day ROTATE mission, in which the University of Massachusetts mobile radar crew teamed-up with the Doppler on Wheels crew.

June 1, 2003  

Day One was spent in far soutwest Kansas. We came within a few miles of Colorado, chasing an unverified tornado warning on a cell embedded in a gusty squall line. We returned to Garden City for the night.

June 2, 2003  

Operations were down on Day Two, while we repositioned ourselves to Amarillo, Texas, where Day Three severe weather was expected. As tradition would have it, we had dinner at The Big Texan where we witnessed a 22-year-old patron try his hand at eating the big 72-ounce steak. He didn't come close and rushed off the stage holding his hands over his mouth, trying to find the bathroom! A few thunderstorms formed in the area after dark. We drove to the outskirts of the city and shot some pictures of the lightning.


June 3, 2003  

Day Three turned out to be quite interesting. Based on Josh Wurmans insistence, we had spent the previous night at Camelot Suites. This place really should have been condemned decades ago, and based on the quality of the rooms, it probably was. Many of us saw whom we thought were prostitutes walking around the hallways. Sure enough, Larry received a knock on his door around 3 AM. The man on the other side of the door asked if Charleese (I don't recall the actual name) was there. Larry responded with, "What the hell are you talking about? There's no Charleese in here!" To which the guy answered, "Oh, sorry. The phone call I got said I could find her in this room." One customer we spoke to in the morning had his truck broken into and all his tools stolen. Save your $27.50 and go to the Quality Inn across the street!

Once on the road, we encountered a gusty line of convection just south of Amarillo. The ground was dry and dust was easily thrown into the air by the strong winds. Some of the trucks got caught in a severe hail core between Muleshoe and Friona and received quite a bit of damage. Thankfully, the radomes were still in tack.


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