Winterfest 2006Winterfest 2006
This was the 39th Kwaj Tree Lightning Ceremony, which was followed by a great Winterfest downtown (free wine is still passed out!).
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December 2, 2006

Christmas MorningChristmas Morning
Valerie got a special surprise when I sent her on an early Christmas morning treasure hunt for pirate booty. View photographs...
December 25, 2003

Weather Station Christmas PartyWeather Station Party
Valerie organized this year's Christmas party for the employees of the weather station. View photographs...
December 17, 2003

2004 Christmas PartyWeather Station Party
Everyone had a jolly good time at the 2nd annual 3DRC Weather Station Christmas Party.
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December 18, 2004

Tree Lightning CeremonyChristmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
December was ushered-in with a tree lighting ceremony in front of the Yokwe Yuk Club. This is where the free wine comes into play! View photographs...
December 6, 2003



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