Fraz Josef Glacier Pictures  
Day 2 (part 1): Valerie and I took an optional helicopter trip to the top of Franz Josef Glacier (4,000 ft. in elevation) and hiked for a few hours with a tour guide. It was a beautiful cloud-free sunny day and despite all the ice, we were comfortable hiking in lightweight pants and t-shirts. Heli-hiking on the glacier was truly an awesome experience.

Lake Matheson Pictures  
Day 2 (part 2): After spending time at Franz Josef, we drove to nearby Lake Matheson for lunch and a leisurely hike. Val and I stumbled upon some very friendly ducklings that came right up to us; one even appeared to take a nap under Val. We then watched in bewilderment as a fresh-water eel tried unsuccessfully to eat them! Those in the group who were more adventurous went sky diving.


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