Days 3 and 4: After having breakfast and packing up the bus and trailer, we hit the road and drove to Makarora on the eastern side of Mt. Aspiring National Park, where a small single-prop plane shuttled us to a remote valley. Valerie and I got extra flight time when the wing flaps failed to extend while on approach and were forced to abort the landing.

Additional highlights include doin' the Tim Tam slam (envision slurping hot chocolate through chocolate-covered cookies), witnessing a rock avalanche on the mountain side next to the cabin, and a thrill ride in a river jet.

Trivia: Tim Tam biscuits first hit supermarket shelves in 1964 and were named after a horse that won the Kentucky Derby in 1958.

Waiting for the pilot in Makarora on the eastern side of Mt. Aspiring National Park
This was our first time usign a grass runway The cool water felt good on our barking dogs
We spent the night in this cabin.  The drinking water came from a cistern connected to rain gutters and there was no electricity.  It was perfect!
View from the loo Our cabin was nestled in this beautiful valley.
The water was clean enough to drink without filtration. Despite being in the middle of a national park, Kyle and Elysia managed to make everyone an impressive meal of sweet 'n sour chicken.
Drying out wet socks Pat, Helga, Donna, and Jim Beautiful sunset
No rest for the weary It actually seemed like our destination was getting farther away rather than closer.  If only we had Sherpas!
We took a wild ride back to Makarora on jet boats We took a wild ride back to Makarora on jet boats Hey, hey, the gang's all here
New Zealand road block Lake Manapouri Kyle and Elysia serving chicken fettuccini al fredo
Pavlova (the unofficial dessert of New Zealand and Australia) is an egg white meringue, smothered in whipped cream and topped with fresh fruit.  The delicious desert was originally made in honor of Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.    


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