Here's a list of where I'd like Val to find her clues. The overview map (below) shows the route. You can click on the red boxes to view more detailed maps. I plan on taping the clues to the bottom of park benches. It would probably be a good idea to send copies (or I could easily make them myself), just in case it happens to rain the night before and they get all wet. Here are the details:

  • I'll start by handing her Clue #1 at home. It'll direct her to a park bench (see Map 1), about 200' from our place, where we watched sunsets and read when we first moved here.
  • Clue #2 will direct her to the turtle pond (see Map 2) - a small concrete pool where they keep wild turtles that have been injured.
  • Clue #3 will direct her to the Small Boat Marina (see Map 3). This is where we stand out over the water and watch sharks and sea turtles. Perhaps you could say something like, "After seeing turtles in captivity, let's go see them in the wild"...though with a pirate flare, yar!
  • Clue #4 will send her to Emon Beach (see Map 4). This is where the Kayak Shack is located. I plan on burying the "booty" about 33 paces from the shack (normal to the face of it), in the sand, towards the lagoon. While pacing, she'll be forced to walk between two palm trees.

Hopefully it doesn't rain too much between the time I bury the treasure and when she digs it up. For added protection, I'll probably place the chest in a couple of garbage bags.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do!

Aerial Map of Kwajalein
(click red boxes to view detailed maps)


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