Here are pictures from a great baby shower hosted for Valerie by Mom, Colleen, and Stacy up in Michigan last month.

Val and our niece, Mazie Jack on his "big boy" bike The first sonogram
Aunt Sharon Colleen and Mazie Mom and Dad Papa and Nana
Stacy Ashley Kimberlee and Olivia
Mrs. Zablocki, Mrs. Moore, and Kristin Aunt Carol and Olivia Paula, Mrs. Corbeil, Amy, and Aunt Nancy
Kristin, Kim, Julie, and Mrs. Lenkner Mrs. Zablocki Ashley and Aunt Lynn Stacy and Aunt Sherry
Olivia and Grandma Gifts Galore Kim, Sue, and Sara gave us the Diaper Dude, some books, and a geeky Star Trek onesie.  LLAP! Kristin and Mrs. Kebbe gave us a pair of digital baby monitors.
Aunt Care made us this incredible quilt with weather-related symbols!  We both got choked-up. Julie's daughter, Cassie, generously donated her toy truck to our daughter.  How sweet.
Nana and Jack Sandy and Mazie Olivia Olivia, Jack, and Mazie sit down with their moms.
Dad and me Colleen has a hard time removing Jack from the ceiling. Olivia and Mazie
The Warners  


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