Here's a collection of photos from Megan's first Christmas. Our friends, Jeff and Kristin Mullins, came over and helped us cook a big dinner. Val put Megan in the Baby Bjorn and Megan actually slept through the entire meal. She was awake for most of the evening, but Jeff has some sort of magic fingers, because she sat quietly with him, watching the festivities.

She was out!
Someone wasn't happy with their Christmas presents.
Our new Christmas tree.
One of the many Star Trek ornaments on our tree.
Kristin was excited to see the Facebook iPhone application.
Ham I Am
Here's a shot of the endgrain cutting board I made this Fall.  The lighter pieces are hard maple while the darker pieces are purpleheart.
Megan asleep in the Baby Bjorn.
Our first Christmas with Megan.
Megan was sound asleep when dinner was served, which was cause for celebration.
We had A LOT food for just 4 people.
Kristin and Val dig in.
Val used a napkin to protect Megan's head from falling culinary debris.
Ham and kielbasa.
Jeff certainly has a way with babies!
Val's first drink in almost a year.
I'd cry too if my dad looked like this.


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