Kristin and Adam threw a party while we were up in the Detroit area for Val's baby shower. They decided it would be "crazy sunglasses night" and gave out prizes for the craziest pair. Mark Lenkner was the big winner for the night with his Mardi Gras-esque shades.

Elton John, I mean Adam, manning the grill. Elton John, I mean Adam, manning the grill. Mark makes Jarret laugh Dexter gives his good friend a kiss
Kristin and Mark Val and Kristin Who's the big winner tonight?  Mark's the big winner tonight! A Weather Channel visor and Season 3 of The Office is too much excitement for Kevin to take.
Mark, Val, and Mark Adam, Dexter, and Kristin Mark can't decide which pair of sunglasses to wear. Gangsta Val
Laughing Val Mark Kristin Val
Jarret leaves on his cool new bike. Mark cooks his wiener... ...a bit too long. The eye of Sauron
Dexter is such a sloppy drunk.      


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