I finally got around to posting pictures of the festivities from August 2002. Valerie and I drove to San Antonio, Texas for the 21st American Meteorological Society (AMS) Severe Local Storms (SLS) conference. Valerie presented a paper and poster titled "Using GIS to Compare the May 3, 1999 Oklahoma City Tornado Damage Path to WSR-88D Signatures", for which she received an award. I presented a paper titled "Increasing the Usefulness of a Mesocyclone Climatology" (PDF document, PowerPoint presentation). Many of our friends and fellow OU students were there as well and we had a great time hanging out on the River Walk.

When the conference ended, many of us headed up to Austin for Paul Janish's Y2K2 weekend of debauchery. We spent a day tubing down the Guadalupe River near New Braunfels. For dinner that evening, we drove to an incredible BBQ joint in the middle of nowhere called The Salt Lick. I can't explain how incredible their food is. It was sort of like a religious experience for me! :-)

Photographs of the missions in San Antonio can be found here.


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