OK, so this wasn't really a chase, but I thought you'd find this interesting. Below are pictures of the TIV - the Tornado Intercept Vehicle. Built out of a Ford F-450 truck by IMAX cinematographers Sean Casey and Greg Eliason (both of Graphic Films), it was meant to withstand driving into a weak tornado (EF0 to EF1). Weighing about 12,000 pounds, the entire vehicle is covered with steel armor plating and the windows replaced with 1/2" thick Lexan. The TIV is equipped with hydraulics that lowers the vehicle flush with the ground, minimizing the risk of being overturned. Mad Max eat your heart out! The TIV chased with the DOW trucks much of the season, despite continuous mechanical problems. This evening, Sean and Greg were interviewed on live national TV by MSNBC's Lester Holt.