I was impressed with the number of Halloween activities this year, which included shaving cream and pumpkin carving parties for the kids, an adult costume party at the Yuk Club, an underwater pumpkin carving contest (hosted by the Kwajalein SCUBA Club), and of course, trick-o'-treating. I was also very impressed with the quality of the costumes at the club.
Oct. 21st Adult Halloween Party

Kids' Shaving Cream Party
Frodo - complete with hairy feet
This is my homemade costume.  It won't make any sense unless you've seen the movie Office Space. Underwater pumpkin carving contest
Pumpkins are positively buoyant, so one person needs to hold the pumpkin down while another does the carving. This is a carving of Jim Carrey talking out of his a*s in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
Kids' pumpkin carving party The adults were able to assist...
Aiden won a prize! Jon spent beaucoup time and money designing an awesome light show that synched up with music. This is the 16-channel, RS-232-driven relay board Jon used in the project.
Evan dressed up as a spider Val and Angela Evan and Celeste
Even the Kwajalein Police Department was passing out candy.
Aiden protecting his stash Angela, Aiden, and Val watching a Halloween DVD