Here's the deal - I've shot many random pictures around Kwajalein, most of which have never been posted to the web. This page will feature these photographs and I'll do my best to bring you a different collection every month or so.

This wrasse (don't quote me on that) lives in a pipe that's part of an LCM wreck.
"Oh Jack, this is where we first met!"  ;-)
"Oh Jack, this is where we first met!"
A pair of beautiful nudibranchs
I see you!
I See You!
The Roi-Namur scuba shack offers a spectacular view of the lagoon.
Wave Action
Wave Action
Remnants of the Japanese officers' building on Roi-Namur
Japanese Officers' Building
Downtown Kwajalein from across the lagoon
Downtown Kwajalein
GT-187 missile test.  The white streaks are paths taken by the reentry vehivles (RVs)
GT-187 Missile Test
A Kwajalein High School student shucks a coconut on Manit Day, a celebration of Marshallese culture.
Shucking a Coconut
Looking north from the terminal building.  The Kwaj Lodge transient housing is on the right while the church is on the left.
View from the Terminal
I'm sailing!
I'm Sailing!
Rainbows are commonplace.
The NOAA buoy-repair ship Ka'imimoana
NOAA Ship Ka'imimoana
These children on Ebeye really got a kick out of my camera.
Ebeye Children
The USS Lake Erie visited Kwajalein in September of 2004 for resupply and some R&R.
USS Lake Erie
It's wonderful to be able to share such a special place with family.
Sharing Kwaj with Family
Here I am standing in front of the gargantuan TRADEX radar.
Ok, so we were a little close to this Australian F-111...
A Lil' Too Close?
An Australian F-111 fires its afterburners during takeoff.
An F-111 Takes Off
These technicians are launching a helium-filled balloon to test a pair of radiosondes.  The metal sphere (bottom-left) provides a reflective surface for tracking radars.
Radiosonde Test
Children dance during an Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) sponsored concert by Inobe
Inobe Concert
Updated: 3 March 2006